Eyes on the road, people!

P: Oi! Look at that guy.

A: Where?

P: There, right side. Just about to turn.

A: Oh, yeah. What about him?

P: Doesn’t he remind you of what’s-his-name…. B-something.

A: You mean B.

P: Yeah, that’s the guy. Isn’t that him?

A: Wait….. Yep. That’s him. Machigainai.

P: What the…?

A: Japanese for ‘No Doubt about it’. Not important.


But, wait. Hold your horses, you say.

What’s all this? Just who on God’s green earth are these P, A, and B, you ask?

Ahh, forgive me.

You know how it is…. One guy tells another guy to tell him a tale, as they sit down at the local watering hole(read canteen) with their poison of choice(le tea), and the first guy gets all carried away and starts off like a pack of greyhounds have been set upon him, taking nary a breath in between.

So…… let me backtrack a little bit.

It was a rainy night.

Now, when I describe the night as a rainy one, do not go off imagining one of those steady drizzles that settle the dust. This rain was more on the lines of the great deluge, Noah and his kin built a boat for. It was the sort of rain that could sit at the table of great rains and not be bullied. And in lieu of this son-of-a-great-deluge, I was of the opinion that a cup of tea before turning in was exactly what I needed.

So it was, that I found myself knocking on K’s door at about 15 mins to midnight.

K: Mustafi injured.

A: Well, it’s good in a way, isn’t it? He fits right in!

I suppose I should explain. You see, bloke K is an ardent supporter of Arsenal, the north London football club, and apparently, one of the players they had signed in the transfer window had gotten himself injured in the very first match that he played for them. And, Arsenal has had a very unfortunate injury record over the past decade, hence my comment.

K: Yep, that he does. Sup?

A: Tea.

K: It’s raining heavily.

A: Cats and dogs, you mean. Mother Nature in her elemental fury, you mean to say.

K: What?

A: Not important.

K: k.

A: However, what’s important, is my earlier inquiry as to your availability for a cup of tea, right about now.

K: Ohh, let’s go then.

He proceeded to lock his room, and was in the act of doing it, when he paused, turned and said.

K: Money?

A: On me.

K: Cool.

Project Lock-the-door complete.

A: Chop-chop. Let’s go!

We made our way down to the canteen, a bit cautiously I might add.

You see, even though the canteen, was only 3 floors below us, the journey was fraught with peril. Not of the mortal danger kind, but definitely enough to cause permanent damage to your cerebrum (and we really don’t want to lose the few brain cells we have, do we?). Because you never know which idiotic nocturnal creature you might encounter on your way, who, as is his wont, wants to expound on his own existential crisis, or God forbid, his love life or the lack thereof. And, before you know it, you are roped into an impromptu FIFA tournament – not that it would take a lot of convincing – which probably is going to go on till the wee hours of the morning and none of the participants would wake up in time to attend class the next day, or actually, the same day.

But, all of this, as intriguing as it is, is not germane to this little tale.

Now, where was I? Hmm, ahh, yes, so K and A made their way down to the canteen, and were lucky to avoid any of the aforementioned nocturnal beings. And having procured the tea they had set out for, they sat down on one of the tables, trying to find a clean one, and eventually settling for one that didn’t have ketchup splayed all over it. K took a tentative sip and shuddered.

K: Ugh… Sad excuse for tea.

A: Well, what can ya do?

And we sipped on falling into a comfortable silence.

A: I say, did I ever tell you about the time P and I fell down from our two-wheeler, on our way back from coaching?

K: Nope. You most certainly did not.

A: Ohh, really?

K: Yep.

A: Well, then listen up my good man!

K: Go on.


Having received all the right signs of encouragement, I launched into my narrative.

It was a rainy night as well, not like one right now – just a slight drizzle. But, enough to wet the roads. We had gone to our coaching centre, about two and a half kilometres away, on P’s two-wheeler, as it was his turn to bring one. Now, mind you, when we had set from our home, it was not actually raining. It was on our return journey that we encountered this blessing-to-the-farmers.

You see P, was, and still is, one of my friends from school. And we went to the same coaching centre as well. (You’re probably familiar with them if you live somewhere in India, but just in case you don’t, let me tell you – coaching centres are places that supposedly help you prepare for competitive exams, but what they actually do is, suck the very marrow out of your bones, while also making you question your life’s worth, and give you serious trust issues. But hey, we had fun!)

So, we sat out the 4 hours of class, attending them physically, but mentally pondering upon the complex metaphysical problems that affected our little bubble, including, but not limited to, what was going on in L’s mind, or what was M’s problem with us, and humans at large, or why J was laughing in the last class.

Ohh, and this was a Saturday by the way. And you know what that means, Premier League! So, we were eager to get home, and not do what the teacher had asked us to do, but instead, watch City play West Ham, I think it was, I don’t remember, I am not exactly sure.

However what I am sure about is that, it was indeed raining when we made our way back that night. And we made smooth progress for majority of the journey, but just as we entered the home stretch, about 50 metres into the colony, P thought he spotted a mutual acquaintance.

P: Oi! Look at that guy.

A: Where?

P: There, right side. Just about to turn.

A: Oh, yeah. What about him?

P: Doesn’t he remind you of what’s-his-name…. B-something.

A: You mean B?

P: Yeah, that’s the guy. Isn’t that him?

A: Wait….. Yep. That’s him. Machigainai.

P: What the…?

A: Japanese for ‘No Doubt about it’. Not important. Oi! P, look ahead!





You see, what happened was, when the two of us were busy in verifying the fact whether or not it was indeed B we happened to see at the intersection, a white Maruti 800 had apparently decided to park in front of us. Or, maybe it had been sitting there for a while politely waiting for us to notice its presence as we threshed out the matter at hand. I don’t know. Either way, there was a Maruti on the road, and we drove straight into it. Not on purpose, of course.

The result – I performed a vault Yelena Isinbayeva would have been proud of, and somehow managed to end up sitting upright, dazed and pretty much out of it. The scooter, needless to say, had stopped and fallen flat on its side. P was…. Come to think of it, I don’t really know what happened with P. It was all a blur. One minute I was sitting on the road, trying to remember if it was West Ham, that City had a game against or was it West Brom, and the next thing I knew, there was a middle-aged man trying to help me up.

I got up, turned around to see P talking to someone, who upon my inquiry turned out to be the owners of the car. Apparently they were more concerned for our well-being than for the damage to the car. While, we, on the other hand, were more concerned about the damage to the scooter.

K: Hold on a second.

A: Yes.

K: You say, you were more concerned about the damage to the scooter?

A: Yes.

K: Why?

A: Ahh, you see, but you do not observe!

What the casual reader doesn’t understand is that the scooter in question, was the same one that P’s dad would use to go to his office, so if there were anything wrong with the scooter, it would be traced back to us, leading to official inquiries, and a whole lot of hullabaloo, that frankly, we could do without. So, now you see, why it was paramount that the scooter be in the same condition as it was before, or at least, without any visible damage.

So, while P was busy dealing with the owners of the vehicle, what I did was; I performed a quick check-up on the scooter. And when I say a quick check-up, don’t go off imagining one of those brilliant mechanics who actually know what they are doing. All I did was, I picked it up and gave it a quick once-over, and seeing no visible damage, I was of the opinion that we were ready to go.

P: Sit-rep?

A: All systems functional. We are good to go!

P: Then hop on, my man, and let us be away.

I hopped on, and he started the scooter, which sputtered a little bit but eventually started.

A: Go! Go! Go!

P: Why would I wait?

A: I don’t know, I was just getting carried away with all the military lingo.

P: …. Let’s just go.

A: Yep.

And that is my tale of woe, my good man. What do you think?

K: Kind of long.

A: Oh well… What can ya do?

A: Ooh, you wanna get some ice-cream? And maybe I could tell you about the time I fell asleep on the bus?

K: One, it’s raining. And two, No!

A: Fine, I’ll just go back to my room!


4 thoughts on “Eyes on the road, people!

  1. My goodness, you kids around the world just seem to all be alike! Your post was below one I wrote about my son and his accident with an ATV he uses on the farm. He wasn’t as lucky as your hero, with the vehicle flipping over on him and his being trapped under it, but is okay now. This said by a Mom still shaking over that late night phone call informing me of the accident. Take care of yourself, okay? I also have a vivid imagination, and that kicked into high gear during the first word of that phone call, but I was young at one time and was more stupid than my son. I drove a drag car — American for a car I drove all the time, but on Saturday night we got together for drag races at a local strip mine. Fun but dumb, but hey, who cares when they are 19 and unattached?
    Seriously, please take care of yourself.. Now that i’ve found you I wanna keep reading about your imagination — and hope it really is imagination and not reality when you write about running into cars. Angie

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading my post, and even more so for taking the time to comment on it. I apologize for the tardiness of my reply.

      While I must admit that this wasn’t just a figment of my imagination, and this actually happened to me; I assure you it was a one-off incident and I haven’t run into any cars lately, nor do I intend to, if I can avoid it.

      Once again, thank you! 🙂

      And I do hope your son is allright.


      • Thank you. My son is recovering slowly, but recovering.
        I’m finding it very amusing that this actually happened to you. I have had so many incidents similar to this — sideswiping a car with my power chair, getting vegetable bins caught in the wheelbase of my chair, etc.,that it’s refreshing to know there is another poor person in this world who comes close to my, um, great coordination? Or maybe my graceful approach is more appropriate. It has now become my graceful approach toward death, since my time here is now very short. MS is not much fun to live with, but even less fun to die with. Ah, well, it’s all a part of life, right? You just be careful from now on, okay?


      • Wow, this perhaps is why I love blogging. We are merely two strangers talking via a comments section and yet I know something about you now, that wouldn’t allow me to forget you even if I wanted to. I am saddened to hear that you suffer from MS but I realise that there’s not much I can do about it. So while I am not exactly a theist I do pray to whatever powers there may be, to watch over you and yours.


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